Privacy Policy

This charter provides details on the policy for protecting private data on the website of Sofadi, which can be accessed over the Internet at the address of the company Sofadi SAS with a capital of 616,608 euros, listed in the Company and Trade Registry of Lyon under no. 659.835.433, having its head office at Chemin du Bois Rond – 69720 ST BONNET DE MURE – FRANCE.

Our site does not request any nominative recording of its visitors and does not make any nominative recording for simple consultation of its pages. However, you may be invited to leave personal data via a contact form (last name, first name, telephone number, email address, etc.). The required or optional nature of the data is mentioned at the time of collection.

We do not collect any sensitive data, namely no data concerning your racial or ethnic origins, your political, philosophical or religious opinions or your membership in a trade union or that concerns your health or sex life.

Moreover, when consulting our website, we collect and process the data concerning your browsing (in particular cookies, your IP address, the pages that you have consulted and the searches that you perform), and your terminal (type of browser used, model and version of your operating system, your screen resolution, presence of certain plug-ins, etc.). We also perform an approximate geolocation of your originating city. This data will be used to produce statistics on the usage of our site in order to make it more pertinent.

We reserve the right to modify this confidentiality policy at any time. The changes and the clarifications will take effect immediately after they are published on the website.



1/ What is a cookie?

Cookies are small data files that can, subject to the parameters chosen in your browser, be stored temporarily in the memory or in a dedicate area on your terminal's hard drive, when consulting a website.

2/ What types of cookies does the Sofadi website use?

A – Cookies make browsing the site easier
Some cookies are used to simplify browsing on the Sofadi website. This type of cookie makes it possible in particular:

-       to set up certain security measures that, for example, disconnect you after a certain period of time (at the end of the life of the cookie) and prompts you to log in to your account again to access your Personal space.

-       to memorise the IDs that you have already entered on the site to access your account in order to facilitate subsequent connections to your Personal space on the Sofadi site (session cookies)

-       to detect and record some of your user parameters such as whether or not javascript is activated in order to guarantee optimum browsing experience of the site.

B – Visitor statistics cookies
These cookies allow Sofadi to compile visitor statistics on the website and to know how internet users interact with the site (which pages are visited the most, how they browse through the site, where visitors come from, etc.).
This data is anonymized and used to improve your experience visiting the site in particular in terms of browsing comfort and access to information on the site.

3/ How can cookies be configured?

You can configure your Internet browser at any time (Internet Explorer TM, Google Chrome TM, Firefox TM, Safari TM, etc.) to authorise, limit or prohibit cookies. Note: this configuration can modify your browsing on the internet and on the site as well as the consultation or access to certain online services that require the use of cookies.

Each browser manages cookies in a different way. It is therefore necessary to refer to your browser's help section.

4/ Contact us

If you have any questions and/or would like more information on cookies, please contact us via email at the following address: or at this address: sofadi – Chemin du Bois Rond – 69720 ST BONNET DE MURE – FRANCE.