Loft I,
Socket and horizontal rail

The accessories of the LOFT 1 range have been designed to fit either into a socket or into a horizontal rail.
The sober and elegant LOFT 1 socket all but disappears behind the accessory and stays discreet even when unused. It is fixed with two screws at the backside of a machined panel.
The modularity of the horizontal LOFT 1 system makes precisely tailored merchandising possible. It may be fitted into a slot in a single panel or run through several adjacent panels. Cut to various lengths it gives the shop designer great creative freedom.

Product Plus

Loft 1 Socket, Horizontal Rail - Shopfitting, Fitting out Shops

The design of the horizontal profile makes it possible to fit in a 6-mm glass shelf without any bracket. Wood shelves may be fitted in by using a specific, totally concealed bracket. Both these systems achieve shelf display units of great lightness.

Materials and details

Socket & horizontal rail
  • Materials Aluminium
  • Details AS: Satin silver anodized
  • Materials Stainless steel
  • Details Brushed