The discretion of the racks and the elegant sobriety of the LUMINE accessories have been designed for an optimal enhancement of the product by the light. The combination of double perforation racks and flush shelves optimizes the usable area and enhances the presentation space.


The LUMINE concept offers a complete range of modular and design accessories, for a tailor-made layout that varies with the collections. A multitude of combinations for a stage all in contrast and a consumer journey guided and encouraged.


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Plus produit

Plus produit Lumine

Plug-and-Play solution
Invisible electrification
Traditional implementation of the slot channels
Discreet fixture with invisible clips or cleats
Effectively complements mood lighting
Modular and easy to move without tools
Wooden tablet or glass tablet
Natural white LED lighting
Visual comfort : light is visible but not its source

Matières et finitions

Slot channel
  • Matière Aluminium
  • Finition AS : Satin Silver Anodised
  • Matière Steel
  • Finition Lacquer