To present delicate products or highly valued products, the CUBE range (profiles and  accessories) was designed with a fine and discreet groove to integrate cleats. The profile precisions  and the choices of accessories enables the creation of contemporary furniture with refined lines.

And always a range of posts, round or sharp angles, 26 or 32 mm section, which offers to the furniture designer a real choice of design.

Plus produit

The profiles are made of an aluminium alloy allowing not only (silver or gold, bright or satin) anodized and powdercoated finish.

Matières et finitions

  • Matière Aluminium
  • Finition AS: Satin silver anodized • O3P: Bright gold no. 3 anodized
  • Matière Zamak
  • Finition CH: Chromium plated • LTN: Brass