Ellipsys® 2,
Slot channel

ELLIPSYS® 2 is the original ELLIPSYS® design adapted to the refined lines of the M19 slot channel. This channel is inserted in a router-cut slot in a 19-mm panel and fixed at the backside of it.
Its implementation with hung panels offers a great flexibility in the display of goods.

Plus produit

Aluminium Slot Channel for Shop fitting

The clip-on clothes rail is very easy to fit and to remove without the use of any tool, greatly facilitating the change of merchandising along with the change of collections. This system also tolerates various centre widths and is very easy to transport and to store.

Matières et finitions

Slot channel
  • Matière Aluminium
  • Finition AS: Satin silver anodized
  • Matière Steel
  • Finition CH: Chromium plated